‘Never say never because limits like fears are often illusions.’ This quote is by a famous basketball player  micheal B. Jardan. In lights of these words I began to comprehend just how much sports can teach you. A small child I used to think that sports was just a matter of physical strength. But as I began to grew I came to the realization that it is so much more than that.

Its no exaggeration to state that sports help build every aspect of human development which are physical, social, emotional and cognitive. Sports play an immense part in our bodies physical development. Whether it is extreme sports like boxing or wrestling or just simple street games like lagori, gullidanda, hide and sick, these activities can help us avert heart disease, lungs disease, underweight or obesity problems and will help us maintain a strong and healthy body that will be beneficial to us throughout our lives and will also increase our life expectancy.

Humans are social creatures and the situations that arise during these sporting events helps us develop our teamwork and collaboration with other people. It also gives kids a competitive environment to flourish, within  a set of rules. And the joy that is accomplished when your teams acquires victory is so immense that it floods your entire brain and body with sheer bliss. And that victory acts like a shiny beacon of hope to inspire even more young hearts to aspire to the same. In this way emotional skills are developed. Cognitive skills can also be developed through sports.

Furthermore even people who aren’t directly engaged in playing sports can learn and be inspired by the amazing sportsmen and sportsmen who practice a huge amounts of skills and perseverance and physical and mental strength so has sports helped me develop as a person? Yes, would say it certainly has.


I got a new pet

Which animal is it?

Can you guess?

It eats chicken and fish

But it doesn’t wear a leash

Now it was time for its name

Jammy, Rammy, Pixie

Name of these

Mom, dad suggested some

Friends suggested some

But I liked none

Then I remembered a movie I had watched

The jungle book it was called

My favorite character was the Black panther

Who was Mogli’s friend and mentor

Do you know what its name was?

Yes, Bagheera

Which animal it it?

Can you guess it?

I got a new pet

Yes it is a cat!


One day I saw something weird

A group of ants hurdling together

Then they stop near the bush

And off they began their wore with a push

One after another, they took the

Mud particles one by one

I saw them curiously work so hard

Without any gain, but I only thought it there

Days passed by, and yet again I saw them

 But now heading towards an ant nest

Than did the thought strike my mind

They did make it all by them

I thought it then if the little ants can

Work together then why can’t we?

If we unite today, we can make a better

Tomorrow? For us and our nation

Let’s celebrate this unity day with the goal

To unite the nation towards a common goal

To make it prosperous, vigilant and more beautiful

Lets unite together, not for me but for us.

By: Vaidehi Shet Verekar 

                                                                                                                                                   Std: 10th A



By: Miss. Prachita Patil

Std. VA

Importance of Reading

By:- Arya Manerikar

Std:- VIII B