YOU ALL………….

By Miss. Shivani Kamat

Std:- X A

YOU ALL………….

I came in this school when I was in the V Std. now I’m in the 10th. This is my last year in this school. I am that little bird who is about to fly away from the nest. I just want to thank those people who made my school life memorable. My memories about this school’s are carved in my heart. My friends and my teachers made my life in school so beautiful, that when I’ll look back, I’ll surely have tears in my eyes.

The most important person for me is Ajay sir. He coloured every moment in my life with colours of happiness and joy. Whenever he told me about some competition, the only question I asked was, “sir, will there be refreshments for us?!” And he would reply in a friendly manner, “Silly girl, you chew my brain! Isn’t that enough?” Burye teacher and Ajay sir gave me an exposure to this competitive world. Burye teacher helped me to work on my literature in Konkani.  Today, I have won several prizes in Monologues, elocution and ex-tempore elocution competitions only because of her.

The Hutatma Chowk Marchpast, our white uniform, our NCC parades….. Aah! How I miss all this! Of course, my dear Amita teacher discovered the treasure of leadership in me. She encouraged me to learn to control my body, mind and tongue (just a bit).

I won several prizes in the acting field too. The credit goes to Jayesh sir. I also won the best actress award at Kala Academy in the year 2016-17 all because of him. The encouraged me to take part in the one act play organized by Kala Academy every year. All the teachers in this school helped me to developed my skills and bring out the hidden talent in me.

My friends encouraged me too!! Monali and Kunjal helped me and supported me from time to time. Whenever I lost faith in myself, they reminded me that everyone has to fall, but the one who gets up and continues to walk his path to success, is the real hero. Muskan, Gausiya and Bhavika were always there to wipe my tears. They always rejoiced on every victory of mine as if it were their own! I just wish that the golden moments I spent in this school with my friends and teachers would freeze here. All this is just like a dream which I wish would never end!