Letter from Headmistress

Letter from the Headmistress

Dear student,

I’ve the pleasure to welcome you to your Alma Mater; and I’m sure the ensuing scholastic year will be fruitful and memorable to you. Our School is a large house housing thousands of houses; and this ever – growing big family comprises its pupils, alumni, teachers, ex – teachers, non – teaching personnel and Trustees. It’s absolutely essential that all the members of the ‘family’ should have respect and love towards one another. “ Home is where the heart is ”, goes a saying.


Seeds of virtues are to be sown in one’s childhood. Qualities of discipline, self – sufficiency, self – reliance, integrity,  responsibility, punctuality, perseverance and humility will certainly make you ready to face the challenges of life and will assure you a shining place on the horizon of career.


One has to strive for excellence; and there is no short – cut to excellence. It is just sheer dedicated work, discipline and the desire to do your level best will lead you to your goal.


A nation’s strength lies not so much in its wealth as in its character. A nation with a future has to be a nation with character. In one’s face, others should see the map of honour, truth and honesty.


May you not only find a place in the galaxy of our alumni who have left a trail – blazing legacy but also a real enthusiasm for breaking the records.


Gayatri G Shirsat