Miss. Chinmayee Kalangutkar, Master Tejas Kochkar and Master Sairaj Ghosarwadkar of G. S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir secured the first place at NWWA Mandovi Inter School Quiz 2017 competition held on 10th November 2017 at Indian Navy’s base INS, Mandovi, Verem.


Master Atreya Kamat, Master Heramb Tople, Miss Krishika Gawade, Master Avaneesh Keni, Master Kishan Nair and Mast Abhijeet MAndrekar also participated.


GS.. Amonkar Vidya Mandir are Runners up 2017

GS.. Amonkar Vidya Mandir are Runners up

Miss. Chinmayee Kalangutkar and Master Tejas Kochkar secured the second place at the All Goa Inter School Quiz competition organised by St. Thomas Boy’s High School-Aldona held on 16th September 2017. In all 23 Schools participated in the Quiz competition.


Class Social of Std VIII – G. S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir 2017

Class Social of Std VIII – G. S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir

The class social of Std VIII was held on 16-09-2017 Dr. Vishaka Kerkar was the guest of honour. In her speech Dr. Vishaka said that whatever she has achieved till dateis due to the hardwork of her teachers and the confidence they had in her efforts. Further addressing the parents she made a point that children should be encouraged and supported by parents to achieve their goals not to burden them with their personal ambitions.

Adv. Sanjay Usgaonker chairman of School managing committee appreciated the efforts taken by the teachers.

Teacher Poonam Burye stressed on the communication between teachers and students as well as parents and children.

Students of Std VIII-performed plays, songs,dances. A Solo song was sung by Mast. Pralesh Mane.

Ms. Rujuta Naik welcomed the gathering and Mast. Shaan Kinlekar proposed the vote of thanks. Ms. Veena Gawas, Ms Krishik Gawde,Ms Sakheena Shaikh,Mast Kritik Sawant compered the programme. The Class social was attended by Headmaster Mr. Vivek Kharade, Assistant Headmistress Mrs. Gayatri Shirsat. The efforts of the class teachers Pooja Dalvi, Mohini Halarnkar, Poonam Burye, Reshmi Manerikar made the Class social a success.



Hindi Day Programme 2017

Hindi Day Programme

Hindi Day  was celebrated by G. S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir on 14th September, 2017. The programme was organised by the students of Std 7th. Mrs. Aruna Patnekar, state awardee of St. Mary’s High School  a teacher of Hindi and Konkani was the Chief Guest of the function. A school teacher Mr. Pravin Morajkar, students Mast Yashraj Narvekar and Mast. Dhruv Vakude gave speeches, stressing the importance of Hindi language in our day-to-day life. A Skit, a group song and poems of the Hindi writers were presented by the students on this occasion. Miss Sanisa Kekre and Mrs. Chaitrali Parab presented their own creative poems in Hindi. The bulletin boards were also prepared by the students to mark this day. The teacher in charge Mrs Rupa Parab the headmaster Mr. Vivek Kharade and B.ed trainess of G.V.M’s college were also present for the programme .The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Miss Chaitrali Parab.



Clay Model Exhibition 2017

Clay Model Exhibition

An Exhibition of Ganesh Idols was held in G.S.Amonkar Vidya Mandir on 19th August 2017. The students of the school modelled clay and presented beautiful and creative  Ganesh idols . Further the students drew , painted and designed their Ganesh Idols using different forms of leaves, flowers utensils etc. The creativity and hard work of the students was appreciated by all those present. Mr.Ajay Kothawale was the Guide teacher .

Science Drawing and Poster Competition 2017

Science Drawing and Poster Competition

Master Sanchit Kandolkar of G.S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir won the second prize at the State level Drawing Competition organised by Green Heritage Eco Club of St.Francis Xavier High School, Siloim .

Miss Sujwal Gad and Miss Shrusthi Raul won special prizes for Poster Competition.


Science Project Competition 2017

Science Project Competition

The students of  G.S.Amonkar participated in the Science Project Competition organised by Green Heritage Eco Club of St.Francis Xavier High School ,Siloim .

The topic for the Exhibition was ‘Bringing Back the Lost Biodiversity .Miss Chinmayee Kalangutkar and Miss Akansha Parab along with Guide teacher presented the project.

Information on depleting species of Flora and Fauna was presented with the help of posters ,written content and live specimens

G.S.Amonkar Students Excel in Martial Arts organised by Directorate of Sports 2017

G.S.Amonkar Students Excel in Martial Arts organised by Directorate of Sports

Students of G.S.Amonkar excelled at the district level Squay Martial Arts Competition held on 17/8/2017 in the 48 Weight category .The winners are  Shivdatt Naik-1st Place , Pranav Sawant- 3rd place in KII, Amog Mishal -1st Place in Arrow Squay,Advait Deshmukh-1st Place in KII

At the District level Taekando Competition

Sanvi Pujari- secured the first place while Sunny Parab and Sanket Temkar secured the third Place

At the District level Judo Competition Under 14 Riya Sadekar secured the first Place, Rugved Dangui stood 2nd while Pranjal Sadekar stood 3rd

All Goa science Fair 2017

Mast Gauresh Chopde of G.S.Amonkar Vidya Mandir Mhapsa has won the first place at the second ‘All Goa Science Fair’  organised by the society of Photo Instrumentation (SPIE) at NIT Goa on Saturday 19th August 2017

The theme for the competition was ‘Simple technology for Everyday Life’. Mast. Gaurish Chopde designed the exhibit ‘A Multi Task Agricultural Equipment’. It was presented by both him and Mast.Shaunak Kannaik.