One day I saw something weird

A group of ants hurdling together

Then they stop near the bush

And off they began their wore with a push

One after another, they took the

Mud particles one by one

I saw them curiously work so hard

Without any gain, but I only thought it there

Days passed by, and yet again I saw them

 But now heading towards an ant nest

Than did the thought strike my mind

They did make it all by them

I thought it then if the little ants can

Work together then why can’t we?

If we unite today, we can make a better

Tomorrow? For us and our nation

Let’s celebrate this unity day with the goal

To unite the nation towards a common goal

To make it prosperous, vigilant and more beautiful

Lets unite together, not for me but for us.

By: Vaidehi Shet Verekar 

                                                                                                                                                   Std: 10th A