As per the directive from the Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India, Directorate General Civil Defence and Directorate of fire and emergency Services, a fire and evacuation mock drill was organized by SDMC of G. S. Amonkar Vidya Mandir on Saturday, 25 December 2020.

Before the mock drill a briefing was given by Mr. Bosco Ferrao Fire Station Officer, officer – in- charge of Mapusa fire station. The mock drill was conducted to create awareness among the school students and staff on how to act in case of fire emergency in school, without waiting for the arrival of the fire service personnel.

The school had 2 mock drill rehearsals before the final one. It was a fire simulation drill conducted by Mr. Bosco Ferrao and his staff. The Headmistress Mrs. Gayatri Sirsat, Assistant Headmistress Mrs. Pooja Dalvi, teachers, Scouts and Guide and NCC leader’s successfully conducted the mock drills.

A demonstration as to how the students should be evacuated, ways to douse the flames and rescue the injured person was carried out. Occupants of the school building responded swiftly after the fire alarm and moved out class by class systematically and gathered at the St. Britto High School ground. As the students were moving out attendance was quickly taken by the teachers, attendance was taken once again after assembling on the school ground to ensure that all students were present. Alltogether 1032 students and 57 teaching, non teaching and others were evacuated within 7 minutes.

The students also got an opportunity to see a rescue demonstration   from a height and use of first aid portable fire extinguishers. We were also given a demo presentation and know-how of the different types of fire extinguishers, their proper use and also the different classes of fire. SAFETY was the main priority of this fire drill and due to the various fire exercises conducted by the fireman, we were able to get a complete idea of the task and techniques involved in case there is a fire disaster. The precautions to be taken when one is trapped in an enclosed space fire and  was demonstrated and this increased our knowledge and has prepared us for any such calamity. We were able to see the various equipments used by the firemen, their fire truck and how they operate it.

The Ambulance along with a Health officer from district hospital Dr. Ankita Mashelkar  also responded to the call & reached the evacuation site in time.

Observers for the Mock – Drill

  • Shri Umesh Gaonker (A.D.E.I. North Educational Zone, Mhapsa)
  • Adv Sanjay S Usgaonker ( Chairman,School Managing Committee)
  • Shri Vijay Bhike (Chairman, P.T.A .)
  • Shri Ratnapal Salkar ( Local personality and ex – teacher )