Adv. Sanjay S. Usgaonkar


Shri. Sanjay S. Usgaonkar, an ex-student of the school, started his career as a school teacher in this school and then at Sharda Mandir School Panaji. He has enormous experience in the field of education. He is a renowned Law practitioner in the state of Goa. Besides his profession, he has worked in social and political fields for the betterment of our state. His lifelong mission to take the school to greater heights, can been seen  from his dedicated efforts and love for the institution. His motto is “The joy of daily work is a reward in itself”.




`Education` means systematic training and instruction designed to impart knowledge and develop skills. One of the greatest scientists -Albert Einstein had to say: "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learnt in school."

Unfortunately, education is one of the most neglected areas in our country. The Governments were oblivious of the importance of education. The goa of the education system bacame securing marks at examinations. The higher the mark`s the more intelligent the student is! As a matter of fact, neither the subject periods nor exam question-papers involve requirement of any intelligence. Marks are a product mainly of labour, memory and luck.

So, a rat race ensued to achiev the end, i.e. high marks, unmindful of the naked fact that a winner in a rat race remains a rat only. The education system created a vicious circle of students --> teachers -->students, i.e. students churned out of the rabid and imecile system become teachers who, in turn, produce students of their `calibre`. Learning, imparting of knowledge and developing skills in a systematic manner are totally lost sight of. As a consequence, even `top-rankers` are incompetent to face the realities of life and most of them get lost in the real world. A wake-up call is therefore, sine qua non. A developing country requires a visionary education system.